Three years ago I decided to make a change.

At the time I weighed almost 300 pounds.

My size dictated my attitude.

My size dictated my perceptions.

My size dictated how I was perceived.

It was time to choose a better way.

I chose to live healthier.

I chose to be stronger, both inside and out.

I slowly but surely began making transformations.

Eating different.

Working out different.

Being different.

I no longer weigh 300 lbs.

Nowadays, I stick to a healthy diet.

Nowadays I stick to a healthy workout regimen.

Nowadays I feel good, inside and out.

In the Fall I will attempt something that I’ve never done.

Run a Half-Marathon.

Follow my journey to something new.

To something challenging.

To something inspiring.

I saw what I wanted.

I decided that I wanted it more.


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